Stef Pi

Resource management

Finance & Business planning Team
September 2020 – november 2021

macbook pro displaying resource management tool mockup

Finance & Business Planning: Transformed financial planning & forecasting operations within the company.


0→1 design of core finance tool utilized by entire finance org (procurement to accounting to finance & HR) for all major finance functions including PO management, month-end process, forecasting, and headcount management.

Efficiencies resulted in close process window from 8 to 6 days, enabling finance to focus more as a strategy organization vs. an operational one.


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A control panel for all customer activity of TripActions Liquid for internal teams.

After I scoped user and business problems, I defined goals and presented what we would build to tackle the problem.

The main goals we focused on were:

  • Automate customer funding process, creating a single platform that would monitor customer health.
  • Be able to onboard a large amount of customers quickly and easily.

"Logging in as" is a security issue

Because Liquid is a small startup within a larger startup, we naturally inherited a lot of things from the larger TripActions organization. “Logging in as” was a workaround feature that TripActions implemented in order to make changes to a customer account. This was a feature that was a huge security issue—there was no way to know exactly who made what changes because it looked like it was all coming from the customer!

After much convincing for those who held the the “log in as” feature near and dear to their hearts, we decided to implement customer settings into the Control Panel. This would not only give us all the features “log in as” had, but also additional controls internally.

Whatsapp Brazil
google pixel 2 phone displaying whatsapp brazil payments setup screen
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consumer Payments on wA BR
novi x whatsapp
iphone 13 pro max phone displaying novi bank connection screen
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integration of Novi wallet into WhatsApp payments
Liquid control panel
macbook pro displaying tripactions policies mockups
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System for customer funding, information, and settings
iphone 13 pro max displaying affirmgo checkout screen
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Optimized checkout experience for low AOV purchases
Affirm edu modals
macbook pro displaying affirm's educational modal
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Upfunnel messaging for
new-to-Affirm users
preemptive indicators
macbook pro displaying area 1 preemptive indicators product
triangle icon
Scan all inbound emails to identify targeted attacks
Whatsapp india
google pixel 2 displaying whatsapp india payments value props
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onboarding with TPP for
whatsapp india payments
tripactions policies
macbook pro displaying tripactions policies mockups
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core policies for Tripaction's payments product
Integrated checkout
macbook pro displaying affirm integrated checkout mockup
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Creating an upfunnel checkout option and increasing conversion
Checkout experiments
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Experiments to improve
Affirm’s checkout experience
Mailstream reporting
iphone 13 pro max displaying mockup of area 1 email reporting
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A weekly report identifying suspicious activities